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The IACPM is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of credit portfolio management.

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IACPM Membership

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Apply for membership

    You may apply for membership by contacting 
    Argie Simon at +1-646-583-1648.

Membership in IACPM is a corporate membership and is open to all financial institutions that manage portfolios of corporate loans, bonds or similar credit sensitive financial instruments. These institutions rely on IACPM to keep them abreast of advancements in the measurement and management of credit risk, and in helping to promote the continuing development of global credit markets. IACPM also provides its members with industry representation and advocacy before regulatory bodies, and serves as a conduit of information on changing regulations.

Membership Dues 

The Board of Directors of the IACPM determines annual membership dues, which are payable in full in January of each year.  New members who join during the year have their dues prorated to the nearest quarter year. Information about tiered membership including Affiliate and Associate Membership is also available. 

Committee and Project Participation 

Committee and project participation is a key aspect for existing and new members as it allows them to discuss and resolve with their peers a wide range of issues affecting the field of credit portfolio management. 

Annual Conferences

The IACPM Spring (Europe) and Fall (North America) Conferences provide our members with the opportunity to come together to share their expertise, and to partake of panel discussions and presentations by experts in the field of Credit Portfolio Management.  The Conferences also provide our members with an excellent opportunity to network and are a key benefit of membership.  

Regional Meetings and Practitioners Forums

Throughout the year, the IACPM hosts a number of regional meetings giving members the opportunity to "talk shop", compare notes, and share ideas.  In addition, member driven practitioner's forums, webinars, and roundtable discussions are conducted, determined by the interests of our global membership, which offer the opportunity to have focused discussions in smaller group settings with other credit portfolio managers.


Members may request a password for access to all IACPM publications via the special members’ section of the website.