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The IACPM is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of credit portfolio management.

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Who We Are

The IACPM is an industry association established in 2001 to further the practice of credit exposure management by providing an active forum for its member institutions to exchange ideas on topics of common interest. 

Membership in the IACPM is open to all financial institutions that manage portfolios of corporate loans, bonds or similar credit sensitive financial instruments.

The Association represents its members before regulatory and administrative bodies in the US and internationally, holds bi-annual conferences and regional meetings, conducts research on the credit portfolio management field, and works with other organizations on issues of mutual interest relating to the measurement and management of portfolio risk.

Currently, there are close to 100 financial institutions worldwide that are members of the IACPM.  These institutions are based in 21 countries and include many of the world’s largest commercial wholesale banks, investment banks and insurance companies, as well as a number of asset managers.

Today credit market conditions, and new regulations, are shaping the financial services industry. The discipline of credit portfolio management is evolving within firms to include the measurement and management of credit risk at the enterprise level, in addition to execution of risk mitigation strategies in credit markets.  

CPM has increasing linkages with: front-end credit originators; the setting of risk appetite and limit structures; funding and liquidity for the firm; and management of counterparty risk.  CPM is also expanding coverage of credit assets beyond investment grade and leveraged to include middle market and retail, as well as in some cases bonds and other credit-sensitive instruments.  

The IACPM recognizes the unique and evolving role of credit portfolio managers in today’s financial environment, and offers an excellent forum through which these issues can be identified, understood and addressed.