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The IACPM is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of credit portfolio management.

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IACPM Weekly SmartBrief

Essential News for Credit Portfolio Management Professionals

IACPM Advisory Council

Andreas Bohn, Managing Partner, SwanCap

Craig Broderick, Chief Risk Officer, Goldman Sachs

Jin-Chuan Duan, Cycle & Carriage Professor of Finance, National University of Singapore

Betsy Gile, Board Member, KeyCorp

Mark Hughes, Group Chief Risk Officer, Royal Bank of Canada

Stuart Lewis, Chief Risk Officer, Deutsche Bank

Mark Midkiff, Deputy Chief Credit Officer, BB&T

Elbert Pattijn, Chief Risk Officer, DBS

Francois Riahi, Global Co-Head of Corporate and Investment Banking, Natixis

Sid Sankaran, Chief Financial Officer, AIG

Hector Sants, Vice Chairman & Partner, Oliver Wyman, Former Chief Executive, FSA

Nicholas Silitch, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, Prudential

Mark Smith, Chief Risk Officer, Standard Chartered Bank